Hey guys! Long time no BLOG. Lol yes, ya girl is back to blogging again. I’ve finally decided to try this again and actually stay consistent as much as I can with content for all of you lovelies. 

So, first things first, let’s talk SKINCARE!


I’ve struggled with with finding the perfect skincare regimen for years now and I think I’ve finally figured it out! I’m here to share all my new faves and additions to my routine. 

Let’s start off with what type of skin I have. In junior high into high school, I started getting consistent breakouts which led into my early 20s. Over the course of those years, I shopped  around for products and have tried everything from prescription topicals, over the counter products, high end luxury brands and even drug store brands. Certain products worked and others either worked temporarily or worsened the issue. Overall, I am more so oily than dry (aka combination skin), I’m super prone to breaking out and I scar very easily. 

Fast forward to this year when Follain reached out to me to become an ambassador for their brand! They sent me their Clean Essentials Kit which included a full set of sample size versions of their most favored products. I fell in love with their products and saw results almost instantly! 

Follain is a clean beauty retailer where every single product goes through a 5-step approval process. No toxins, no exceptions. Who doesn’t want clean products for their skin?? 


Recently, I took a trip to their West Village location here in NYC and treated myself to some new products as well as purchased the full size versions of the products in their Clean Essential Kit. 

Below is a break down of what I am currently loving! 

* Osea Ocean Cleanser


* Indie Lee CoQ-10 Toner 


* Osmia Balance Facial Serum


* Ursa Major Golden Hour Recovery Cream


Let me know if you guys would like a video of my skincare routine for in depth details and to see how I use my favorite products! 


Want to go clean and try some products from Follain? Feel free to use my 15% code at ref15_jlwg7b